AKC PPB Guiding Principles

  • The AKC Purebred Preservation Bank program is entirely voluntary and optional – for donors of semen, users of semen, and Parent Clubs providing guidance
  • AKC PPB is a Charitable Organization under IRC 501(c)(3) – it was established as a mission driven organization without profit motive
  • AKC PPB is a separate organization from AKC, and has its own Board of Directors with some representation from AKC
  • The American Kennel Club has committed to subsidize and underwrite the expenses of AKC PPB
  • AKC PPB does not charge donors or clubs to participate
  • Parent Clubs are invited to provide breed-specific questions of sire and semen for donor applications
  • Parent Clubs are invited to provide breed-specific criteria for dam and breeder for distribution applications
  • The AKC PPB will use Parent Club recommendations except in extenuating circumstances, such as if a breed is threatened with extinction or that breed no longer has a viable Parent Club
  • Parent Club approved heath statements and CHIC requirements will be consulted
  • Parent Club will be notified when an application for distribution is received
  • AKC PPB will not distribute semen if the owner still has any semen available
  • AKC PPB will only deal with purebred AKC registered dogs (and foreign registerable)
  • AKC PPB will not distribute semen unless the breed is determined to be at significant risk
  • AKC PPB will continue to welcome questions, comments, and suggestions  

Rev 9/21/23